Link receipts to customers,

Never lose a customer again.

Digital Receipts for

Faster Checkout

Speed up your customers' purchasing process, and save your time. Digital Receipt TOGO!

Sustainable Business

When you offer your customers digital receipts, you are playing your part in saving our planet

Personalized Offers

Understand your customers behaviour and reach them with what really matter for them

Customer Engagement

Digital receipts are your smart tool to interact with your customers whatever the marketing content you have

Retention and Loyalty

Let your customer enjoy exclusive offers and keep them updated on your latest promotions to visit your store again

Direct Marketing Channel


your customers behavior and purchasing habits


your offers and marketing campaigns


incredible levels of Retention & Loyalty

How does it Work?

With TOGO app


Customer pays as usual (cash/card)


Cashier scans Customer’s QR Code


Digital receipt is sent to the Customer’s ToGo App

With Card or e-Wallet


Customer pays as usual With no further steps


ToGo receive a real-time transaction data from integrated retailer’s POS


customer receives digital receipt in a linked Banking app

We do magic, You enjoy the results

Your customers don’t like paper receipts


Less than 30 seconds life span

More than 70% are thrown away

No sense

In a digital era, your cashier is still required to hand over a paper receipt to each customer during checkout.


42% Lost important receipts 

More than 90%prefer Digital Receipts

Why Digital Receipts?

● Save your time and bring your customers a faster and seamless experience at your store

● Smart proof of purchase for supereasy refund or exchange process

● Help your customers to track and manage their expenses easily

Stop printing paper receipts, No more thermal printers and maintenance cost

Save up to 80 % with TOGO Digital Receipts

Beyond Digital Receipts

Do you really need to print weekly or monthly in-store promotions brochures and booklets?!

Now it is just a link on TOGO digital receipt.

you will save money and increase traffic on your website and social media pages.

And you can do the same with Terms & Conditions, exclusive offers, promo codes, contact details!

Pricing & Plans

Use TOGO digital receipts as your Direct Marketing Channel



  • Offer your customers smart Digital Receipts

Enjoy a wide range of marketing tools

  • Offer your customers smart Digital Receipts
  • Add your social media
  • Add your website links
  • Marketing photos
  • Marketing videos
  • Interactive content
  • Personalized offers
  • Promo codes on Digital Receipts

$20/ mo

  • Offer your customers smart Digital Receipts
  • Add your social media
  • Add your website links
  • Personalized offers
  • Promo codes on Digital Receipts