Be your customer’s first choice

Offer them digital receipts and increase their engagement with your Payment App

Digital receipts that matter

togo data center
  • There is so much data housed in every single receipt
  • Invest in Receipts data and reach your customers with what they really love
  • Buying an electronic device from a hypermarket will be categorized under Grocery!
  • Having dinner at a hotel is not an accommodation expense!
  • Give your customers better financial experience and build their loyalty

Integrate with TOGO digital receipts and bring new experience for your customers.

  • Personal Financial Manager
  • Store For all Receipts
  • Track and manage their spending
  • Take advantage of rewards and discounts
  • Save time and keep distance
  • Paperless Shopping Experience
  • Understand your customers’ spending behaviour
  • Serve them through an improved insights
  • Reach them with the offers they actually want
  • Boost your loyalty program

How does it work?


Exchanging data

TOGO API receives the receipts and transaction details

Matching it

TOGO matches banking data with cash register transaction data

Get the receipt!

TOGO validates and sends receipt data to your banking app

Our API sends fully itemized digital receipts with product level data in addition to customized marketing content.