Be your customer’s first choice

Offer them digital receipts and increase their engagement with your Payment App

Digital receipts that matter

togo data center
  • There is so much data housed in every single receipt
  • Invest in Receipts data and reach your customers with what they really love
  • Buying an electronic device from a hypermarket will be categorized under Grocery!
  • Having dinner at a hotel is not an accommodation expense!
  • Give your customers better financial experience and build their loyalty

Integrate with TOGO digital receipts and bring new experience for your customers.

  • Personal Financial Manager
  • Store For all Receipts
  • Track and manage their spending
  • Take advantage of rewards and discounts
  • Save time and keep distance
  • Paperless Shopping Experience
  • Understand your customers’ spending behaviour
  • Serve them through an improved insights
  • Reach them with the offers they actually want
  • Boost your loyalty program