Paper receipts that you don’t really need!


How many times after making a transaction, do you get a receipt just to throw it away or tell the clerk to keep it? Café, sweets bar and pack of gum in the morning are all things which don’t need to be proven, but they also have the receipt, You may think what a waste of paper. Why is this something?

No green with paper receipts

Every year, 3 million trees are cut down to manufacture recipes that are tossed away by most people. What the majority of customers and businesses do not know is that these little slips of paper cause erosion and cost millions of trees to the world. One ton of paper is needed for about 390 gallons of oil, This equates to 249.6 million gallons of oil needed to meet US paper receipts demands.

Toxic Chemicals in your wallet!

In contrast, the persistence of paper receipts, regardless of their length, should be more than annoying. According to experts, it is a toxic environmental poison wrapped in BSA or BPA. For thermal-paper receipts, BPA and BPS will leach into our hands to pass to our bloodstream from the surface of the paper. This form of receipt for paper can be printed without ink since the 1980s. The paper has a pigment and chemicals covering and photos appear when it is exposed to heat in the machine.

Unseen dangerous

Nancy L. Wayne, Ph.D., Professor of Physiology at the UCLA School of Physiology, states: “Bisphenols are endocrine damaging compounds that resemble hormones like estrogens and thyroid hormones. Studies have shown that high levels of BPA in human urine and a variety of health conditions are associated, including the elevated risk of abortion and premature birth, and prostate cancer, it’s also associated with altered development of the brain and nervous system, infant behavior, stunning growth of teeth enamel, obesity, and cardiac disease. The report from Chicago Health states that there is not only an exposure danger to the customer but also to retails and restaurant staff because they frequently earn 30 or more receipts per hour.

Sadly, because the bulk of paper receipts are BPA or BPS coated, they cannot be recycled since they can pollute other recyclable paper items with toxins. This is one reason why they’re so Ubiquitous and produce so much waste.

Your next action!

So what can we do?

  • Say “No, thank you” to the paper receipts and ask for digital or electronic receipts instead.
  • If you need to receive a receipt, inquire what sort of receipt paper is used. If the paper receipt is thermal, fold it into your hand and save it away from your skin and other items.
  • When handling receipts, wash your hands.

The digital receipts have several other advantages, contact TOGO Digital team today for more insights on the effect of your business and the digital receipt.

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