Meet TOGO at the 100 Entrepreneurs Demo Day


TOGO team is so excited to announce its participation in the demo day of the 100 Entrepreneurs fellowship! after 6 months of hard working, thinking, and brainstorming, Finally, TOGO is on the big day.

You’re all invited:

You’re all invited to Meet some of the region’s most innovative upcoming start-ups and professional networks. You will be able to watch the product pitches and ask all your corresponding questions. It’s open to the public, and attendees will be able to address all their related issues with the co-founders.

To know more about the event and how to attend:


About 100 entrepreneur fellowship:

100 Entrepreneurs Fellowship togo

100E is a fully-funded fellowship to 100 eligible entrepreneurs in Egypt. The knowledge officer has set an ambitious target along with the fellowship partners for graders to be fully informed of the starting, constructing, and growing of their company and have the right expertise to shape the DNA for a successful entrepreneur.

These young entrepreneurs undergo realistic learning and get linked to professionals, investors, and other owners from regions and foreign industries.

To now more about the fellowship click here:


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